Started from 2001,Muller energy has been committed to manufacture and marketing of LFP battery,NMC battery,power system and energy storage system and we are one of the leading lithium battery and battery solutions suppliers in China with Top Level vehicle OEM and telecommunication operators.

  Our R&D team has more than 1000 technicians,including 20 Doctors and 200 Postgraduates.

  Our principle is quality-oriented,customer first,and make efforts to become the leading professional energy supplier in China and globally.


  MES system applied with 4th generation lithium battery automatic manufacture equipment.

  The MES system offers in time auditing and data record of the equipment operation situation and function data.

  As quality control information is transmitted in real time,companies with an MES can immediately halt production as soon as issues are identified.This reduces waste,scrap,overages,and re-work.It integrates scheduling and maintenance to maximize product flow and asset utilization–increasing uptime and improving overall equipment effectiveness(OEE).

  It helps reducing just-in-case inventory and work-in-progress(WIP)inventory–saving money on manufacturing,transportation,storage,and inventory monitoring.

  It follows the entire production cycle from beginning to end,grouping final parts or batches with the corresponding manufacturing data.This data allows for improved regulatory compliance for manufacturers that must conform to government or industry regulations.It also makes all our products could be tracked to raw material suppliers.


  TQM total quality manage system is applied in our company operation and manufacture.

  TQM looks at the overall quality measures used by the company including managing quality design and development,quality control and maintenance,quality improvement,and quality assurance.

  QC measures are carried out from the raw materials in QC to ready product out QC steps.


  We have been awarded with more than 800 national patents and 19 invention patents.Cells have got ROHS,CE,UL,TUV,BIS,UN38.3 Etc certification got good reputation in the global market.

  The company is operated under·ISO9001,IATF16949,GBT19001,ISO14001,OHSA 18001 management systems.

OHSASISO14001IATF 16949-2016

OHSAS 18001ISO 14001IATA 16949

OHSAS 18001GBT 19001TS16949

OHSAS 18001GB/T 19001ISO/TS 16949