Cooperation agreement with Emma Technology Group Co., Ltd. On scooter battery
Release Time:2021-04-22 Views:1585 Times

Emma technology group was founded in 1999, is a long-term enterprise that has been deeply engaged in two wheel electric vehicles for more than 20 years. Emma has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of fashion electric vehicles. Up to now, the total sales volume of the electric vehicles in the world has exceeded 41million, and has achieved remarkable achievements and is the real leader of the electric vehicle industry.


Muller energy is a battery manufacturer focusing on lithium battery for more than 20 years. The company has covered the fields of digital consumer batteries, new energy vehicle power batteries, energy storage batteries and light power batteries, and has fully realized the perfect coverage of the new energy industry chain. In the future, Muller energy will open a new journey to the two wheel vehicle market and comprehensively enter the field of electric two wheel vehicles, including domestic electric bicycle, shared bicycle, electric vehicle replacement and other markets.

The signing of the cooperation agreement marks a new level of cooperation between Emma and us, and officially enters the brand supply system of the two wheel head department. We will jointly cooperate in technology research and development, product innovation, quality control, after-sales service, brand promotion and supply chain construction in all aspects. We will work together to create high-quality and cost-effective lithium battery products for consumers, promote safe travel, green travel and supply chain construction The healthy development of the electric bicycle industry.