We passed the final review of the international power tool leader TTI
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Through cooperation with power tool’s leader, we are expected to become one of the leading companies in the international power tool li-ion battery industry.

We successfully passed the final review of the international power tool leader TTI, which means that our research and development strength, supply capacity and quality standards have been recognized by TTI.


TTI is one of the world-class suppliers of advanced home decoration tools and construction tools. Its revenue grows continuously in last 10 years and is also the company with the largest demand for cylindrical batteries. According to statistics, TTI currently uses about 300 million cylindrical batteries per year. With the evolution of the market trend of cordless power tools, TTI's demand for lithium batteries is also increasing.


For this market we independently developed and launched 18650 2000mAh-10C batteries with ultra-high cost performance. This cellt is suitable for industrial and civilian power tools such as electric drills, electric hammers, electric wrenches and electric screwdrivers;

It’s also suitable for balancing cars, drones, electric bicycles, electric tricycles , Electric motorcycles and other light power fields, garden electric tools, sweepers, cordless vacuum cleaners and other floor care tools.


18650 2000mAh-10C CELL

18650 2000mAh-10C battery cell is our star product in the field of power tools. This battery cell product not only has excellent basic performance, but also has the advantages of high safety, high discharge rate, long life and high cost performance.

Excellent basic performance:Internal resistance is lower than most mainstream manufacturers, good consistency, excellent retention rate and recovery rate of high-temperature storage of full-charged batteries for 30 days; all products are produced through flexible automated production lines: we import advanced equipment from South Korea to strictly control product quality, not only Improve production efficiency, but also reduce labor costs and shorten production cycles;

High safety : Passed multiple technical tests including roller test, short circuit test, overcharge test, etc.;

High discharge rate: Meet the instantaneous high power required by power tools, support 10C continuous discharge and have a high capacity retention rate;

Long cycle life: The 5S1P module cycle retention rate of 300 weeks is above 80%;

High cost performance: Through technological iteration and product research and development, each cell has a significant cost reduction compared to the original process, while having excellent performance, the price is lower than the cells of mainstream manufacturers on the market, and the products achieve ultra-high cost performance.

Besides our new 18650 2000mAh-15C product has started SOP. The same process has a larger discharge rate and will meet the needs of more customers better .