Congratulations on our getting the TUV IEC62619 for 2.76MWh containerized energy storage system
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Our LFP 150 is designed for energy storage application, with excellent cycle and low cost/Kwh in  service life.  

This cell offers 4500 cycles with rest capacity over 80% nominal capacity and 7000 cycles with rest capacity over 70%;

We have get the certification for the LFP 150Ah as following:

TUV IEC62619 for 3.2V 150Ah   

TUV IEC62619 for 768V300Ah  0.5C module /battery cluster

TUV IEC62619 for 2.76MWh   Container ESS TUV IEC61000  

2.76MWh/500kW containerized ESS EMC test report