Second BESS systems delivered to Croatia! Our 500kW/2.76MWh ESS system delivered!
Release Time:2022-08-25 Views:538 Times

After two months effortsthe 500kW/2.76MWh ESS system is built and delivered to customers on July 16th 2020.  


“The first 500kW/1MWh BESS operated very well in last years, we are expressed with the BESS performance and quality, we believe this new 2.76Mwh System will bring us more benefit” Told by Mr. Peter Kirsh, CEO of our partner on this project. “We have just handed in the marketing plan to Muller energy on cooperation marketing their BESS in Croatia, we will bring the BESS to more partners who need them”.


Through the intelligent Microgrid technology, the power is stored from the grid when the power consumption is low, and the solar energy is absorbed and converted into electric energy through the photovoltaic power generation system; It can effectively fill the power gap in peak hours and build new energy demonstration for local high energy consuming industries. The whole system has obtained TUV safety certification.