Our LFP 150Ah cell power the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV
Release Time:2021-04-13 Views:134 Times

Our 150Ah battery is matched with the "new generation car"-Wuling Hongguang MINI EV. Recently, SGMW’s latest hot-selling model that uses our battery system: Wuling Hongguang MINI EV successfully boarded the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China .This model has a power of 29kW and a cruising range of up to 200KM.



Wuling Hongguang MINI EV is a 4-seat pure electric mini passenger car , equipped with tire pressure monitoring, 360 surround view high-definition video, ABS anti-lock brake system and other safety features. Relying on its cute appearance and competitive market positioning, it quickly became popular in the weak new energy vehicle market. This Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, which shuttles through the streets and alleys, has been selling well before it goes on the market, and is expected to become a new generation of cars.


Affected by the COVID-19, people's demand for healthy travel has increased, which is an important reason why everyone chooses Hongguang MINI. Wuling Hongguang MINI EV is accurately positioned. It is an economical and affordable city commuter scooter that also shelters the wind and rain.


Rated voltage of this power battery system: 109V, rated capacity: LFP 150Ah; peak power of drive motor: 29kW, cruising range up to 200KM. This battery not only has high safety performance, but also has a long life. The higher power makes the battery life more advantageous than low-speed electric vehicles.


As the first pure electric vehicle of Wuling, Hongguang MINI EV has taken a new approach as a mini pure electric vehicle. With its outstanding product capabilities, it has created a new blank market and satisfies the travel needs of all consumers from cities to towns.

It is believed that Wuling Hongguang MINI EV will lead the new generation trend with its cute appearance, long battery life and competitive price. In the future, GREAT POWER will join hand with SGMW to make unremitting efforts for the development of new energy vehicles.