20Gwh Liuzhou Smart Energy Storage and Power Battery Manufacturing Base Project Officially Laid the Foundation
Release Time:2022-01-12 Views:854 Times

Wu Wei, Secretary of the Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Zhuang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Kuang Qu, Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Liu Bochen, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Zhao Taotao, Director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government and other leaders of the municipal government and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. Lian Chaochun, Deputy General Manager of the Co., Ltd., Chen Wenjie, Director of the Management Committee of Yanghe Industrial New Area (Northern Ecological New Area), Xia Xinde, Chairman of Penghui Energy, and Zhen Shaoqiang, President of Penghui Energy attended and held the groundbreaking ceremony.



The project is located in the northern ecological new area of Liuzhou City, Guangxi. The total planned land area of the project is about 550-850 mu, and the overall planned production capacity is 20GWh. Among them, the planned area of the first and second phases of the project is about 250 mu, and the planned production capacity is 4GWh. It will be built into a domestic first-class intelligent manufacturing factory for energy storage and power lithium batteries.


This investment and construction aims to expand the company's scale in the energy storage and power battery business, and further enhance the company's influence and comprehensive competitiveness in the new energy industry.

Project Concept Map