Rivian's Factory Battery Catches Fire, NMC Battery Trust Falls Further
Release Time:2022-06-13 Views:761 Times

According to foreign media teslarati, on the morning of May 28, local time in the United States, a fire broke out at the factory of electric pickup company Rivian.  The reason was a thermal runaway of the battery pack tested in the maintenance area. The local fire department quickly dealt with the accident and the fire did not cause any damage casualties.(Battery pack catches fire at Rivian plant;3rd fire at the plant in recent months)


According to statistics,in the past seven months,there have been three fires at Rivian's Normal plant in Illinois. It is worth mentioning that these three fires may all occur in the battery assembly area.


In general, the losses caused by the three fires were not large,and there were no casualties. However,the frequent fires at the Rivian factory have also raised questions about its battery problems.


It is reported that Samsung SDI has been supplying batteries for Rivian, and it is not known whether the three fires are related to battery supplier Samsung SDI.After all, few factories have so many fires in the battery testing area, and Rivian may need to check the safety of its batteries.


It is reported that Samsung SDI supply is NMC battery;in terms of safety, due to the performance of the material itself,NMC battery is far less than lithium iron phosphate battery, and the life of LFP battery is much higher than that of NMC battery.(New Tests Prove: LFP Lithium Batteries live longer than NMC)


More and more car companies are gradually using LFP batteries. Tesla, BYD, VW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, GAZ, Changan, and Chery are currently selling models equipped with LFP batteries;


From January to February 2022,the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 16.7GWh, far exceeding the installed capacity of ternary lithium batteries of 13.1GWh. The proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries is still stable at more than 55%.Lithium iron phosphate batteries more and more favored.


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