The large cylindrical battery has won large-scale orders from customers such as Bull!
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In May 2022,the mobile super power station jointly developed by MULLER Energy and Bull Group was grandly launched and pre-sold for the first time,which has received high market attention and hot sales.This product uses a large cylindrical battery(model 40135),which has passed the strict testing of third-party testing institutions and the Bull Group,and has now achieved large-scale mass production.Recently,MULLER Energy has received a bulk purchase order for large cylinders from Bull Group,and this battery cell has also attracted the attention of a number of portable energy storage and household energy storage customers.

MULLER Energy 40135 large cylindrical battery adopts electrodeless ear structure,lithium iron phosphate low-temperature superconductivity and full-cycle dynamic equalization technology.The large cylindrical battery created by MULLER Energy with years of battery research and development technology experience has super power,long cycle life,wide temperature,this battery is suitable for two-wheeled vehicles,portable energy storage and household energy storage and other fields.MULLER Energy will continue to innovate,improve product quality,optimize production costs,and achieve the balance and unity of safety and economy.

40135 cylindrical battery

As a professional"smart"energy storage battery manufacturer,MULLER Energy is committed to providing customers with safe and reliable energy storage cells,modules and energy storage systems,and makes unremitting efforts to create the goal of"the world's preferred brand of energy storage batteries".As of June 2022,MULLER Energy has provided cells or modules for more than 300,000 energy storage systems around the world,and will be among the best in battery shipments in the global energy storage market in 2021-2022.

In the future,MULLER Energy will continue to cultivate and lead the energy storage market,contribute to the early realization of the global carbon neutrality goal,and contribute the most to the enterprise.