We Are the Second Energy Storage Battery Delivery Company Globally in 2021
Release Time:2022-08-29 Views:634 Times

On April 26, China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) released the Energy Storage Industry Research White Paper 2022, which officially announced the 2021 Chinese Energy Storage Enterprise Ranking. With its outstanding market performance, Great Power ranked second among the top 10 companies in the global energy storage market in terms of battery shipments in 2021, and won the fourth in the ranking of Top 10 energy storage technology providers in terms of newly installed capacity in China in 2021!



Ranking criteria: According to the 2021 shipment ranking of Chinese companies in the global power storage field (excluding base stations and data center backup batteries), among the new China's energy storage projects put into operation in 2021, The installed capacity of China's energy storage technology providers is ranked.