How to Distinguish Grade B cell and Grade A cellGrade B cell
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In recent years, the battery market has developed rapidly, extending lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, ternary lithium from the battery materials, and recently, sodium ion batteries will be released on the market.

The A B dispute, what is the B product electric cell

After the cell manufacturer mass-produces cells according to the specified specifications, it needs to conduct a series of tests on the battery, such as rated capacity, rated voltage, internal resistance, life and other parameters. And the rated capacity of the cell reaches the predetermined value, the internal resistance is lower than the specified value, and the appearance, performance and other qualified cell is called A cell. And does not reach the rated capacity, or the internal resistance is higher than the specified value, as well as appearance, performance and other fail to meet the standard of a cell called B cell. And for a number of can not reach the specified value of the cell is called C product cell, for C product cell is not printed on the cell shell code, scrap processing.

How to distinguish between A product and B product cells

When the battery was first produced, the size of the B-class battery was not different from that of the A-class battery, so it was difficult to distinguish the two by the naked eye. As far as I know, there are two ways to distinguish product A from Product B:

The first is the price, the price of B is significantly lower than the price of the same model of A, if you look at the price in the international market and compare it with the price of batteries imported from India, it is easy to conclude that a large number of NMC and LFP batteries imported from India are B-class batteries.

The second is according to the label on the battery. Under normal circumstances, the battery will be labeled after the capacity divider. The battery does not meet the voltage requirements. If one day, you see a similar type of cell with a B symbol on the cell or the voltage of the cell is not consistent with the normal cell, there is a good chance that they are B cells.

The third way to distinguish between grade A and type B is to compare the information of the battery QR code with the original test report of the grade A cell. If the parameters are different, the large probability is the grade B cell.

Use of product B electric cell

Although B cell is slightly worse than A cell in performance, it does not mean that B cell will exit the market. On the contrary, it is more popular than A cell in some areas. For example, in terms of energy storage, product B cells can save a lot of costs when obtaining the performance that is not much different from product A. Some people who love DIY will also buy product B cells to assemble themselves into energy storage batteries. In particular, the B cell can not be used as a power battery, because the power battery requires a high consistency of the cell, and the B cell does not meet the requirements. If you want to know the cell requirements of the power battery, we can explain them in another video.


If the budget is sufficient, the A cell is the best choice; If you need to control the cost, and applied in the field of energy storage, B product is also a good choice. However, if you choose to buy product B, it is better to choose products from strong manufacturers, such as CATL, EVE, Great Power. Of course, if you have any ideas about B batteries, feel free to leave them in the comments section and let's discuss them together.