Over 600,000 Home energy storage systems are in operation with Muller battery!
Release Time:2022-12-16 Views:1230 Times

“Till Dec 15 2022,Muller energy HESS modules have powered over 600,000 Home energy storage systems”,according to Senior sales manager Larry Zhou.

“It take us less than 3 months to double the number,the HESS systems amount was 300,000 sets in September”,“We are glad to see our HESS modules are well accepted by market and our partner who produces home energy storage systems ”, told Larry.

 Energy crisis is deteriorating our living standard,especially in USA, Europe,we are happy to see our battery will help customers getting independent from Grid.With over 10 years service life,you wont get power bill later”. Larry is excited about it.

Muller energy home energy storage modules focusing on offerings standard battery modules for Home energy storage systems manufacture;  

“We are not trying to deliver whole HESS systems,our position is one battery module solution supplier.We believe there are home energy storage manufacture partners who know local market better than us, our main interest is to cooperate,not to compete”As Mr. Larry Zhou introduces.