We win bid of the China Tower and will deliver power supply system worth 3.8 billion RMB(USD576 Million)
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   On July 15,China Tower announced the winning bidder for lithium iron phosphate batteries for backup power in 2022-2023.The project plans to bid for 8 specifications and models of lithium iron phosphate battery packs,with an estimated capacity of 4GWh.Products include 51.2V50Ah,51.2V100Ah,51.2V150Ah,51.2V200Ah; 


  It is estimated that by 2025,there will be more than 5 million 5G base stations in China,achieving full coverage of 5G networks nationwide.According to the calculation of the number of newly opened 5G base stations from 2021 to 2025,the demand for backup power storage is expected to reach 78.6GWh during the same period.

  From the perspective of battery shape,the communication energy storage market in 2021 is mainly dominated by square LFP cells,the main models are 50-150Ah,and will develop in the direction of larger capacity such as 200Ah in the next few years.

  On the technical route,at this stage,lithium iron phosphate is the main replacement for lead-acid batteries for communication energy storage.In the long run,in addition to lithium batteries,the future communication energy storage batteries will also coexist with sodium ion electrons and flow batteries.


  Our company has won many bids for base station energy storage projects.At the end of 2021,the company's energy storage battery capacity is 5.6GWh.Currently,it is making every effort to increase the capacity construction of various parks.It is expected that the energy storage capacity will expand to 13.1GWh in 2022,fully penetrating the energy storage market.